Challenge Roth

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5th place – not the best performance but still smiling finish

Within the last months and weeks I was training, living and preparing particularly for my first highlight – Challenge Roth.

For the first time I went to altitude training in Switzerland to reach a higher performance level. Although I knew training in altitude for the first time without experience could be a risk but also a great chance to reach a new level. Directly after the altitude I felt strong and it seems that I did everything just right for Roth. But then the timing was not perfect for the upcoming Challenge Roth. I didn’t feel 100% recovered even I returned from Switzerland 3 weeks before.

Just right from the start it felt that the extra power was missing. My swim was 3 minutes slower than expected. I pushed hard on the bike to keep in the touch with the best girls. I invested a lot of energy to do a 4:43 h on the bike course which is a new personal best. I entered T2 with Yvonne VanVlerken and the Australian Carrie Laster. Right from the beginning of the marathon I felt that I pushed to hard on the bike.

But as a local athlete I had a lot of supporters, fans and spectators cheering and motivating me. So I ran from smile to smile.

On that day I have to thank all the people on the run course who gave me so much energy and made me smile at the finish line after 9:00 hours and a 5th place which was my second fastest time ever.