4.Place World Champ KONA

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Ironman World Championship Hawaii

What a race!!! What a day!!

I had a pretty good swim and exited the water in the first group. I stayed with that group for the first 40k on the bike until the head wind blew up.

Then the world champ and strong bike rider Daniela Ryf attacked and I followed here. We made a gap to the chasing ladies. I biked with her until 130k and then I had to slow down a bit to serve energy for the marathon.

I entered T2 in the second place with a gap of 6 minutes to the chasing group. I felt quite comfortable on the run and I really enjoyed being second. I tried to stay calm and ran my own pace. I just got caught in the Energy Lab around 28k from the later second place and great runner Mirina Carfrea and later 3.place Heather Jackson.

I am so happy with being the 4th fastest girl in the world! :-)